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Wellness at Hillel

Schedule Free Counseling with
Nate Jones, M.Ed., LPC

It’s important to prioritize your mental health! We provide programs and services for students to help.

Hillel now offers free private and confidential counseling sessions with our licensed therapist, provided in partnership with Jewish Family Services Association of Cleveland, students can sign up for hour-long sessions with our counselor for in-person or online sessions.

Counseling is a safe and supportive space to navigate life’s challenges, learn more about yourself, build coping skills, and deepen your relationships. Some common concerns that might bring you to therapy include: anxiety, depression, stress, grief and loss, relationship challenges, identity questions, sexuality, perfectionism, and/or career concerns.

Parents, faculty, staff, and peers can refer students to counseling services. Due to confidentiality laws and policies, we cannot schedule an appointment for a student by a third party. A student who wishes to receive counseling services at Hillel must request services directly. If you wish to help a student, you are welcome to accompany a student to our office, or accompany the student while making a phone call to schedule an appointment.

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