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Religious Life


At Hillel we believe there are many ways to be Jewish.  Whether you consider yourself Jewish religiously, culturally, historically, or some other way, you are welcome here.

Join us at the Cohn Jewish Student Center for Shabbat and holiday celebrations throughout the year!  Every Shabbat and holiday service offers opportunities to lead services or songs or contribute however you are comfortable.  make sure to stick around for a FREE home-cooked kosher dinner.  We value all traditions and customs, and if you want to get involved, let us know: you can play your guitar, give the d'var Torah, bless the challah, or do something new!

Hillel is committed to providing opportunities for students who want to go deeper into Jewish practices or deepen in their Jewish knowledge. Whether learning about a Jewish holiday or tradition, discussing the implications of a particular Jewish law in daily life, or discussing current events from a Jewish perspective, students have the opportunity to engage their peers in discussion about these relevant topics.

Some of the religious life programs include:

  • Friday Night Shabbat Services

  • High Holiday Services and Activities

  • Jewish Holiday celebrations

  • Passover Seders

  • Jewish Learning Fellowship

  • Torah Study through a contemporary lens

  • And much more...

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